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I am now playing the waiting game. Applied to only 1 school for Spring of 2012, finished my pre-req's with a 3.7 GPA and passed the NLN in the 94 percentile. Now Im waiting to hear whether or not I got in. Advisor said decision... Read More

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    That story brought me to so sorry for your lost, I know ur gonna be a great nurse from ur experiences and determination but I just want to wish u the best of luck anyway!!!
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    Anyone waiting to hear from Moraine Valley about Fall 12' acceptance?! I'm anxious!!!!
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    Applied Jan 2012 waitng for letter, not due out till May. Applied to LPN/RN bridge program with a summer start. NHCC. 3.0 science. 3.43 overall, all general eds completed. NHCC is in Minnesota.
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    The letters for Oakland Community College Fall 2012 nursing program went out at the beginning of March.
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    I just got my acceptance call. I will be attending Carlow university in Pittsburgh, PA! I will be starting as a sophomore and starting clinicals in august! so excited
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    Just got my acceptance to Georgia State University's traditional program! Keep calm, guys! It will happen
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    Me, me, me!
    I did receive one acceptance months ago, with a scholarship! But it wasn't my first choice school as it's a full time day program and it starts two days after my spring semester here ends! Ahhhhhh !

    I'm anxiously waiting for my first choice school (part time evening/weekends) to send their final decision. I was already accepted to the university but since I didn't have my sciences completed they couldn't accept me to the program. Well I had to go to a meeting/interview a couple weeks ago, and they're supposed to be sending out the letters now. I'm really hoping they see that my GPA is awesome and my entrance exam score was awesome and they look over the fact that my sciences won't be finished until the middle of May. Hopefully my letter is on it's way.

    I'm scheduled in two weeks to register for classes at the school that accepted me, and I still haven't sent in my deposit yet because I'm waiting to hear from my first choice school. I'm going crazy trying to "decide", but really knowing that if I don't get into the one school my decision will be made for me. I'm going nuts here!
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    Received my acceptance letter Saturday for NHCC's Mobility Program. The transition class begins May 2012.
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    Also waiting, applied to many 4 year programs as a transfer student and to 2 year ADN programs. All I know is Rutgers will get back to me in June, for the other programs I have no idea. I assume June, may- the waiting sucks
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    Good luck with rutgers they have a very competitive nursing program especially in new bruswick. Are you applying to new bruswick or newark? I graduated from newark in 2010 with a degree in social work. I orignally was accepted for their nursing program but didn't go because I thought I was goin out of state to school when I first applied to college in high school. I really feel stupid that I turned them down but I guess everything happens for a reason. Anyway good luck
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