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Hi, I will be starting my BSN program in Fall 2013 at AASU and I'm so excited. I am trying to start a thread for support while waiting to begin the program. If you are starting in the fall, share... Read More

  1. by   sjtrk
    Quote from Austincb
    Sjtrk I'm in the same boat I have a 90 in chm & a&p. is depressing knowing I could lose it so quickly and I'm working so hard!
    I totally feel you! My advisor told me to quit being so hard on myself and start celebrating the victories as they come (meaning each test I do well on) but its hard for me to do that. I feel like about the time I take a deep relaxing breath, I'll lose what I have lol. Here it is fall break and I've been studying 6 hours a day. Bleh, it will all be worth it though!