Anyone got into any WA State Nursing Programs this Fall? (Or on the process of applying) - page 2

Hi everyone, I am worried about my nursing application. I applied to 7 nursing schools in WA state for fall quarter (BC, LWTech, North Seattle, Seattle Central, Shoreline, Highline, and South Puget... Read More

  1. by   Ghosty1981
    Shoreline's point system is x3 and x2.5 your GPA for the prereqs (so CHEM121 would be GPAx3, or 12 points for a 4.0), plus bonus points for certain extra classes, work experience, and volunteer hours. There are no penalties for re-taking classes.

    The max is 116, and they take the top 30 or so applicants each open quarter. The minimum is usually between 102 and 104 points from what I understand.
  2. by   prenursingtheophilus
    do you know what kind of classes you can submit as relating to nursing to get the extra points? Like would college math count? how about public speaking? Shorelines application was very vague, all it said is explain how it will relate to nursing or something along those lines lol
  3. by   Ghosty1981
    You can use any class that prepares you for nursing. Sociology, a psych class other than prereqs, communications. You can be creative, but you have to write a brief explanation of how it prepared you for nursing. If I remember correctly I used group communications and child development courses and I got the points.
  4. by   jwonder992
    Quick question, for the volunteer hours, can they be in any sector, or it specifically has to be in the health sector? Must you volunteer as a CNA or you can just volunteer doing general chores? What was your experience?