Any suggestions on pre-nursing jobs/improving applications?

  1. 0 Hi, I am a pre-ABSN student who's taking some pre-reqs right now at cc. I am thinking about applying for ABSN programs starting from next fall 2013 so I can start school around mid 2014 (hopefully!).
    I will be taking Physiology, Chemistry, Lifespan Psych in the spring and Microbiology, Sociology, and Statistics in the fall. I screwed up in my undergrad and have 2.5 GPA. I am currently volunteering at direct patient care program at the hospital and I am loving it! And this is where I am at so far...
    My question is that what should I do to make my application more competitive? I thought about taking [FONT=arial, sans-serif]Phlebotomy course right before my spring classes. Would phlebotomy experiences help me to back up my bad gpa? I need to start working to support myself while I am in school, is there any good pre-nursing jobs that I can have before/while I am applying for nursing schools? Am I pushing it too hard to take Phlebotomy course with my spring courses?
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    Phlebotomy may not count in your nursing pre-req GPA. It may help in your overall GPA, but most nursing schools tend to look at the pre-req GPA. The nursing schools that I applied to did not look at phlebotomy as a nursing pre-req. Perhaps it is different for the nursing schools that you will apply to. You can always call them and ask.

    Getting good grades in the pre-req courses will make you competitive.

    Good luck.

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