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Any room for left-brained people?

  1. 1 Hello everybody, I am an 18 year old male pre nursing student. I am working on my prereqs right now and will apply for the fall of 2013. I would like to get my BSN and then go on to either become an NP or a PA. Although this is my current plan, I am still kind of nervous if I am really compatible in this field. I am a very left-brained person and enjoy and excel at math and science. Before I decided on nursing, I was seriously considering mechanical engineering. I enjoy thinking about how things work and trying to come up with a solution. I am also a people person and I thought that medicine might be more interesting on that level. I have taken A&P I&II and have enjoyed both of these classes, especially some of the more complicated processes (i.e. muscle and nervous physiology). Whenever I am confronted with a "medical" situation, I always to try to use my very finite knowledge to figure out what might be wrong and I enjoy doing that.
    So my question is, as the "engineer type" do you think that I could find fulfillment in the medical field? I thought that maybe becoming a PA would help fulfill that logical side of me?

    I know I'm the only one who can really answer this question, but I'd really appreciate any thoughts from people who know a lot more then I do.
    Thanks a lot.
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    I think you would enjoy it a lot. Especially in a fast paced environment. You're always using your brain as an RN, NP, PA or MD