Am I in love with what nursing REALLY is or with what I THINK it is?

  1. Hi everyone!

    I am an 18 year old girl looking for a career. Ever since I was little, I've leaned towards the medical field. I'd drift away, but always came back to nursing.

    I want to help people. Especially children, and expectant mothers. I have lost many family members over the years and watched them suffer, and watched the nurses who made their last days more comfortable.
    I want a career that makes a difference, interacts with people a LOT, and has flexibility and variety. I don't want to get bored, and I want something that is somewhat mentally stimulating. I love a fast paced environment. To me, nursing seems to have all those qualities. But in reality, does it?

    Here's what concerns me the most though:
    I'm afraid of needles. I got a flu shot, and the girl who gave it to me would have been backhanded if I could have reached her. I don't know how I'd do on the other side of the needle though.
    I can be squeemish sometimes. BUT, only if it's family/friends that are hurt. Anyone else, no problems.
    I'm also afraid that I'll spend half my working life ill. I don't want to bring home illnesses to my family either.

    But when it comes down to it... I really can't imagine myself doing anything else. I want to help the ill who can't help themselves.

    Any advice? Please and thank you.
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  3. by   kbucksn
    what i would suggest is to enroll yourself in a CNA class. they are short just a couple months long. and that way you could see what the field is REALLY like, maybe work for a bit. then you will see what the nurses (LVN's and RN's) do and see if you want to continue down that path. it will give u a good taste but not too much time spent if u decide it's not what u want. btw working in hospitals u build up quite an immunity and u practice impeccable handwashing anyhow. btw most if not all nursing programs require you to take a CNA class as part of the admission requirements. Best of luck to you.

  4. by   coopermke
    I think the idea of enrolling in a CNA class is a great idea... as far as getting yourself some exposure to the medical field goes. With that said, it is important to realize that what a CNA does and what a nurse does (and the scope of care they each provide) are VERY VERY different. If you are employed as a CNA it is most often in a nursing home, rather than a hospital, and you will have found a job that can be incredibly fulfilling and a great part-time job to have through nursing school...but you will most likely not see much of what the type of nurses you describe acutally do. If you are lucky enough to get a CNA position on an L&D floor (which you described as your ideal spot) then it would be a perfect situation, the odds are just very unlikely.

    Working around sick people does allow you to build up a great immunity to many illnesses, since starting nursing school and my job I have gotten sick SO much less... so I wouldn't worry too much about that.

    Again, with a CNA you will not have any experience with needles. This is something you wont have experience with until your clinical skills class and clinical rotations. I had a fear of "getting shots" too... not of needles, it is important to remember that the receiving end of a shot is not pleasant for anyone, even nurses. But even this fear has passed as I spend more time working with needles, you come to realize its really not a big deal.

    So I agree with kbucksn, get into the field in some capacity... getting your CNA will only benefit you if you choose to enter nursing school and the classes are only a few hundred dollars at your local community college. This will test your "squeemish-ness", trust me! Just keep in mind that as a nurse you will have far greater responsibilities and in my opinion you will enjoy the RN work a lot more than the CNA work.

    Good Luck!