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Affordable Insurance for Nursing School

  1. 1 I am posting this because I spent days looking for insurance within my budget to meet necessary school needs.Not all programs require insurance, but some do. It is very hard to find insurance under $100/mo

    If you are looking for affordable insurance check out GoBlue plans. These are very affordable insurance plans. My plan is $22/month.They offer others up to $44/mo and better plans (different from GoBlue) from the mid 60's. (Note: each area will have slightly different pricing, so my quote may be a few dollars more or less than someone in a different region)

    This insurance (GoBlue) is not the GREATEST but if you are on a budget, it works to fulfill school requirements. It does have quite a few perks; such as discounts and free lab testing (in-network), for example.

    Hopefully this post can help someone else in need of something affordable!

    Good luck to everyone and their future endeavors!!
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    Wow thanks! I need 2 look into this b/c im cuttin my budget allllloooooootttttt since i wont b workin @least the 2nd semester(just finished my 1st sem of nutrition & dosage calculations). I also was lookin @ short term ins as well(6mos) which is going 2 b a lot cheaper than wht im payin now. So THANKS!
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    I Googled this and didn't come up with anything. I see a Florida plan, is that where you live? Can you post a link to the website? Thanks
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    Yes I am from Florida. The site I went to was About the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association | Get a BCBS Insurance Quote from a BCBS company | Go to Your BCBS Company Member Log In. These are plans from Blue Cross Blue Shield.
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    Np. MSlady!