1. Hi! I just got into an associates program and a BSN/MS program. I am very excited about both but am not sure which to go for. The BSN/MS is 3 years overall and costs 4x more than the associate's. I am in my early 30's so not sure if it is worth it to spend so much money up front for the BSN/MS since I could get a BSN after the RN if I need to. What are people's recommendations? I would also have to take another 2 science pre-requisite courses for the BSN, so that factors in as well. Any insights from would be much appreciated!
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  3. by   llg
    What are your chances of getting a job you want with only an ADN? In some areas, the hospitals are still hiring ADN's. In others, ADN = unemployed. What is the situation in your area? That would be a big factor in my decision if I were in your shoes.
  4. by   phoenixnim
    I agree with Ilg. A lot depends on what your end goal is. Do you want to work as a nurse in a nursing home? or a hospital? From my understanding, there is also a big push to standardize the minimum education for the nursing degrees. I've read articles stating that many colleges would like to do away with the two year ADN and have only a BSN. I know of several friends in my area with either LPNs or ADNs that are currently going back to school for their BSNs for this very reason. Most of the students I am in class with intend to go for their BSN instead of their ADN. If this is how it is in your area, and with how competitive the job market is, if most people are graduating with their BSN, you better make sure to have one too in order to stay competitive when it comes time to secure a job.
  5. by   slucas
    I am not sure of the job market - I have seen, heard, and read different things about BSN vs. ADN...that some hospitals only hire BSN while others are more open (and that if you do well in your clinicals, they may be happy to bring you in as an employee once you graduate and pass the NCLEX). I am located in MA and know all the schools in my area for ADN are flooded with applicants, which makes me think there must be a job market for graduates. That being said, I am trying to weigh best options so that is why I was interested in hearing what people on this site who have more info or experience than I do have to say. Thanks to you both for your thoughts. Any other feedback from anyone else out there would be great too!
  6. by   JasHorns
    Well as far as the job market for ADN vs BSN I can say that many hospitals will choose the BSN over an ADN. That said I went and got my ADN since it was cheaper and since it was a second degree. It was hard to land a job in a hospital but I did in the ER. I immediately started a RN-BSN program anyways so I would honestly shoot for the BSN right off the back. It will ultimately save you some time and headache. If you have a degree try the accelerated BSN it will get you your degree in a year and a half. Good luck in school.