Admissions essay for Nursing program. PLEAse PLEASE help me!

  1. I have submit an essay on a significant experience, achievement, ethical dilemma that I may have faced and its impact on me.

    I never really had much of an interest with babies, however the recent birth of my best-friend's baby, changed all of that. When I found out that she was giving birth, I rushed myself to hospital and was there to witness the birth of her son along with her husband. The experience was definitely eye opening for me. I could see the pain that she was suffering during the birthing process, however, when the process was complete and she was given the her baby by a nurse, I could see a room full of joy (including the medical staff and us) The sudden shift in my best friend's face going from misery to a state of bliss was amazing.
    I found a new appreciation for babies and nurses. The nurses were there all along to constantly monitor the condition of my friend and her baby. I was certain that the nurses had seen many woman giving birth on daily basis but the expression on their face seemed to be so sincere.

    It was during this moment that I got I desire to become neo-natal nurse. How wonderful would it be to be part of such a miracle given by God and delivered by a woman who endured countless hours of sleep and pain. The end result makes up for it. It is this event that inspired me to become a Certified Nursing Assistant, and to volunteer at the Emergency Room of Hospital. A nurse is present in a person's life from the day they were born.

    This isn't my essay final copy. It just an idea that I have come up with. I would love suggestions. If you think I should write about something else, then please let me know. If you think I should expand on certain parts PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know. Your help will be truly be appreciate.
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