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Admission for an Occupational Therapy program

  1. 0 *NOTE: I am fully aware that this is a website designed for nurses, nursing students, intending nursing majors, and etc. However, i just want your opinion and feedback on the subject if i am deemed as a competitive applicant for admission into an occupational therapy program( preferably at my university, Kean).*

    Current undergrad GPA( accumulative):3.426 (aiming for at least 3.5)

    Current prerequisite GPA: 3.5

    Settings observed: Rehab center( 60hrs), hand therapy clinic( 24hrs), hospital setting( 4hrs), low vision clinic (4hrs), home care (6hrs), Psychiatric Rehab center (20hrs). Total: 118 hours of observation/volunteering, with 6 different settings. I also intend to observe at a school setting( pediatrics) over break, so a possible 7 settings.

    Extracurricular activities: Director of Public Relations of Asian Culture Club( 2009-2010), member of Association of Latin American Students(2009-2010), member of Student Organization Public Advertising Committee( 2010-2011), member of Filipinos Uniting Nation at Kean( 2011-present), and member/Public Relations committee member of Students of Occupational Therapy Association( 2010-present).

    Awards: Dean's list ( spring '10), Dean's list( fall '10), Dean's list (spring '11)

    *P.S.: I had already applied to the dual degree occupational therapy program last year, and managed to make it to the interviews. However, ultimately i was not admitted. The difference in my application this year is I added an additional 26 hours accumulated from another hand therapy clinic (4hrs), same home care setting( 2hrs), and a new setting: psychiatric rehabilitation center( 20hrs). These observations were a required assignment for my intro to occupational therapy class, which was an added prerequisite this year. My only fear is that there is a strong possibility that I may receive a B or B+ for my intro to occupational therapy class( my teacher is a hard grader). Thank you*