Accepted into ADN school spring 2013!

  1. I am soo excited that I received my acceptance letters! Yes, letters is plural because on Monday I received a letter that I was accepted into the LVN program. I had already started scheduling the necessary things to get done so I can ensure my spot in the program and then Two days later I get another letter in the mail saying I got accepted into the ADN program for spring 2013! Such a blessing and answer from God! I applied for both programs but I really didn't think I would get into the ADN because I didn't do well in my pharmacology class so my mind and heart was already set in stone for the LVN, but I will certainly accept this once in a lifetime offering. I am 25 and have pursued this career since I was 21---divorce, moving, starting over in schools,and other personal issues had kept me off for a while. I was starting to lose hope too. So to those of you who feel like throwing in the towel, just keep digging! And to those who have been accepted, congrats!!
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  3. by   LAJJmom
    Congrats! I was accepted into 2 LPN programs for this fall and declined both to take more classes and try for an ADN or BSN program I got accepted into the ADN program for this coming Spring as well. I am 40 years old (married with 4 kids) and went back to school to start pre-req's in fall of 2011. I am working as a CNA at a hospital and am so excited to finally be taking this next step. I plan on bridging to get my BSN as soon as I am done with the ADN so I am still taking pre-req's for that (College Algebra...ew.). Good luck to you!