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A&P II help

  1. 0 Okay so I am currently in my A&P II class, started in Sept and ends in Dec. I took A&P I in the summer not realizing that it was a higher speed class because I was new to the campus and didnt use my brain that it would be triple times the work, but I did pass lab and lecture with a 73 which is passing. It was very hard and 28 pg packets of notes per body system and a test every 2 weeks. My lab grade boosted my combined lecture grade. I had an 80 something in lab and a 69 in lecture.

    As of now, I am doing terrible in lab because my teacher bases his lab on lecture & lab notes which I do not think is fair. He will point to a part on the lab practical and then ask what hormone it produces or ask some crazy question with it. My lab professor from A&P I was just very straightforward and wanted to make sure you knew where the parts were. So I have a 49 average in my lab right now and got a 44 on my 1st lecture exam (the professors each drop lowest quiz/test grade)

    I am feeling completely discouraged and the cut off for the dropping out for classes is this week. I do not want to drop out but I do not know if I will pass and that will make my GPA terrible. I have learned my lesson of not going out as much as I was and to fully commit myself to passing this class but I feel it may be too late. We still have 4 more lecture tests and 5 more lab quizzes plus the final.

    I just need some advice because I am really struggling with A&P II which amazes me because in A&P I it was so confusing but my lab helped me.

    I want to know if anyone has studying advice or notes I would be able to use to break it down in simple terms. I use alot of flash cards and I am more of a visual learner so Im still trying to find out which study habit works best for me. Anyone else in the same wagon?
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    i am in A & P 2....my midterm grade is an A.......my prof has objectives at the beginning of each new chapter...i make sure i KNOW all of them.....i use you tube and my books CD....we just had an exam on chapts 16,18 19 and 20..talk about a variety!!.....waiting to hear what my grade is.....not sure what to tell you....just study your butt off.....:redpinkhe