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Has anyone taken A&P I and II at the same time? Suggestions? I'm hoping I can do this and apply at my local community college and get into the Fall 2012 RN program. Currently I'm working full... Read More

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    Have you tried using edukan? You can take an accelerated A&P I and an accelerated A&P II back to back and get them done within a semester? I've taken (and am still taking II) both accelerated and it requires a lot of time, but I imagine one before the other would be a lot more helpful.
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    I don't think you can take A&P I and A&P II concurrently; however, you can take them back-to-back. I did that during the summer. I took A&P I in the first summer session and A&P II in the second session. It was a lot of work, but it was the only class I had so I had all the time I needed to study. Highly recommended to take it in this manner.

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