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    Hello ,
    I am finishing my BSN program at Ohio University ( OU ) this year. I want to enroll in the spring cohort for a FNP program with a minor in healthcare management if possible.I am having a hard time making a final decision . I am not a big fan of a lot of writing and discussion boards an replies. OU cost seems reasonable. And you are allow to take it part time- full time. I hear it is one classes every 7 weeks with a week of break in between, but there may be a lot of writing involved? . I am also looking at the University of Cincinnati. It seems the cost are higher. Anybody knows how does classes go?
    I want a program that is accredited , not all bout writting , and with some flexibility ( part time) in case of life events, and somewhat reasonable financially ( especially if scholarships available) . Of course i wish to take it online.
    I would like to hear from actual students from various programs.
    Thank you very much
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