Yale MSN program

  1. Hello everyone!

    I was hoping to connect with current Yale students that are in the MSN program (or those who have graduated). I was just accepted into the FNP program (full-time 2 year) but would like some more info. I'd love to hear about clinical placements, faculty support, and definitely the Praxis (which terrifies me)! Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated (as I am stressed beyond belief) :P

    I'm trying to decide between the FNP program at Boston College (which would allow me to graduate in May 2013) or Yale (I'd graduate a year later May 2014).

    Thanks a ton in advance

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  3. by   brinkallz
    So, what did you decide? I'm looking at YSN now and just wondered what you ended up doing.
  4. by   amberger101
    Hi there! I was hoping to pick your brain (anyone's brain who might read this) about your acceptance to YSN! I'm applying to the Fall 2014 MSN-FNP program and starting to get nervous!

    So I'm already a registered nurse and currently have my MSN in leadership/management. I'm nervous about submitting my grad thesis to petition to waive the GRE - has anyone had any luck with this? I'm also pretty nervous about my grades (roughly 3.25 collectively). However, I have over a decade of experience with medicine in the Army, and I currently work in the ER and volunteer weekly so I'm TOLD that I'm competitive. I met with the admissions director a few weeks ago and she said I had a great chance in the MSN rather than Post MSN program, but now I'm wondering HOW MUCH of a chance I have!

    Any tips, tricks, suggestions?? Thanks!!!