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Hello all! I noticed a thread had not been started for those of us applying for Fall of 2013 so I thought I would start one. How are things going for everything regarding the application process?... Read More

  1. by   kdiem
    Thanks for the detail bbcc! I also read that they give out interview invites around mid December for interviews in January. I didn't know the exact numbers though. That means just less than two months until we find out though!
  2. by   atomicgirl
    Of those 120 offers, does anyone know what the breakdown is by specialty approximately? Do you think they have the same number of spots for each specialty every year? I'm applying to the psych specialty. I wonder how competitive that is. All I know is CNM is very competitive...
  3. by   kdiem
    Hey atomicgirl. I think most schools do not have a break down for each specialty, but I'm not 100% sure for Yale. They usually just have a certain amount of positions available in general for the accelerated BSN/RN portion. Across the board, I've heard CNM and FNP are the most competitive specialties out there. Pediatrics is probably next. Did you apply to OHSU? I know they only offer mental psych and CNM specialties and apparently they are very very competitive and they favor Oregon residents. Too bad I'm from California... and I don't live in super northern California where they have options you can choose from as residents of "neighboring" counties lol
  4. by   atomicgirl
    Hey kdiem, thanks for the reply. Yes I've heard that CNM and FNP are the most competitive across the board, but haven't heard much about psych. I'm from WA state and do plan on applying to OHSU but have held off on starting those apps as the deadline is later than other schools. I'm bummed to hear they favor Oregon residents though... Where else are you applying besides Yale and what is your specialty? A 30% acceptance rate doesn't sound too bad...unless all 400 of those applicants are stellar.
  5. by   kdiem
    I'm actually applying to 13 schools lol. I prefer not to state all 13...it's such a long list! But yanno the typical big name schools like UCSF, Penn, Hopkins, Columbia etc. Yeah OHSU favors Oregon residents for all of their programs (I think). My boyfriend applied there for medical school this cycle too and showed me a string of questions they asked whether he attended high school in Oregon, lived in Oregon, went to college there etc lol. But it's not impossible for non-Oregon residents because my cousin from California is there for their Pharm school! I'm applying to the midwifery program!
  6. by   atomicgirl
    Whoa good for you! That's smart cuz you know you'll get in at least somewhere, if not your top choices. I'm applying to 6, possibly 7. I was considering Columbia but I heard negative things about their program and with the high living costs...it wasn't worth it to me. What's your Bachelors degree in?? Mine's in psychology.
  7. by   kdiem
    I majored in Integrative Biology and minored in Asian American Studies. And that is my plan... get in at least one of those 13 schools!
  8. by   SMB13
    Hi there! I applied for the FNP specialty and am relieved to be finished with that essay! Here's some info as far as admission stats go. I emailed a few months ago and this is the reply I received:

    We receive about 400 applications (give or take) to our GEPN program each year. Last year we interviewed about 200 of those candidates and admitted about 130 (spread across the specialties) and we will be enrolling a class of about 80 students this fall. Some of the specialties are larger than others; for instance midwifery and family will likely enroll about 20 students each, while acute care will enroll about 10. This will vary from year to year, but family and midwifery are generally a bit larger. The applicant pool is generally the same each year give or take some small increases or decreases.

    Hope this helps, Cheers!
  9. by   RVLy
    That is so helpful! Thanks Sue
  10. by   dn26
    Hi everyone! So I sent in my recommendations and transcript in the single packet as instructed, and on the application website it's showing that they have received everything except one of my recommendations. It's really frustrating since I know I sent all three of my LORs in the same packet and it would be really strange if the admissions office received just two... Has anybody experienced anything of this sort yet? I emailed the office, but received the generic reply that everything is still being processed and all materials will be updated by the end of the week. I'm kind of not wanting to call their office and freak out just yet, but it's so nerve-wracking to not know what happened to the last LOR. Have all of you guys gotten in your materials already and your checklist completed? Would much appreciate any suggestions or advice on how to deal with this...

    Thanks so much and hope everyone's having a great week!
  11. by   hi616

    That is definitely nerveracking, but maybe you can call and ask if they can let your recommender submit a second copy online just in case. That way you don't need to wait until the end of the week to know if it definitely did or did not get there and have any additional delays. Just a thought. Good luck, hopefully it turns up!
  12. by   dn26
    Thanks hi616, I'll ask my recommender to do that - it's just so weird when you know it's there somewhere and yet it isn't.... oh well. Btw if you don't mind me asking, what specialty are you applying for? I'm applying for the Pediatric NP, and I have no idea how competitive it is, or anybody else who is applying to it on these forums. Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best!
  13. by   adt913
    Hi hihi! I applied to the pediatric np program too and like you, have no idea how competitive it is/how competitive I am as an applicant. I hope we both get in!!!