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There didn't seem to be a main thread for applicants to Yale's GEPN program this year, so I thought I'd get one started. I'm applying for the midwifery specialty and am currently working on my... Read More

  1. by   jellybeann
    Well, I've officially accepted my admission and sent in my deposit!

    A little later than the rest of the troupe, but I've accepted nonetheless!
  2. by   Category X
    I declined my offer of admission to the midwifery specialty this week. I hope that will mean good news for someone else here!
  3. by   NicoleGrace
    Hey all ;-) I'm new to the site but I've been researching and considering second-degree/ABSN/Direct-Entry MSN programs for a WHILE now, lol. Brief facts about me: I'm 25, B.A. from Fordham University in Philosophy/Pre-Law. Work experience includes Brooklyn District Attorney's office early case assessment intern, Legal Assistant positions at a small civil litigation firm as well as a large "white shoe" insurance law firm in NYC. I actually made it all the way to Rutgers Law School for a bit before I realized I wanted to make a change and decided to go for it. So, this is a HUGE deal for me, as I'm sure it is for many of you! My interests in nursing stem from my experience with my mother; she is a heart transplant recipient (she's had her donor heart for 20 years now ;-)). In high school and throughout college, I was her primary care giver and I learned a lot through her illness and recovery. In fact, if it wasn't for a night nurse being in her room at the right moment, they might not have caught her going into cardiac rest in time to save her. I was always interested in the sciences/medicine, but as soon as I started doing well in pre-law courses and and got my feet wet, I was on a fast-track to law school. In addition, domestic violence is a huge issue of concern to me, and I was trying to find a way to involve myself in addressing it. I'm hoping to work that into my nursing career somehow as well.

    I basically wanted to reach out and see if anyone could give me the specifics of their career-change aspirations? Particularly, I'm interested in the programs you're applying to and:

    --Education and reasons for your interest in nursing

    --Time it took to you to do pre-reqs (if working, etc)

    --**Healthcare work/volunteer experience (especially since I know many of the prestigious programs either require or strongly recommend this, and I don't have any formal healthcare experience beyond caring for my mother, which I hope counts for something!)

    Thanks so much in advance for your time and responses!
  4. by   ajessica
    Hi Chula5008 - Did you begin or have you already been commuting from Yonkers? I'm asking because I'm in the same situation- I'm commuting from NY to Yale and wanted to hear about your thoughts on the reverse commute! By the way, I'm also an hour away (with no traffic)
  5. by   chula5008
    @ajessica: Haven't started commuting yet - not until August - but driving seems much faster than the train from the Bronx, which takes an hour and 40 minutes. I've done the drive a few times now for various reasons, and via the Merritt from Westchester I've made it door to door in anywhere from 1 hour (no traffic) to 1 hour 20 minutes.

    The cost and wear/tear on my car is a factor, sure, but I'm not big on public transportation so...I'm going to give it a shot. If it ends up being too much, I'll start taking the train or considering other living options. A lot of people commute much longer than that to work for years - if they can do it, why can't I? ;D

    However, if the weather report is nasty, I'll take the train for sure.
  6. by   waiting for word
    Has anyone from the waiting list, in any specialty, been contacted yet?
    thank you.
  7. by   zhazha1
    Don't know if anyone is still looking at this thread, but anyway, I am applying for the 2013 school year. Can people who got into yale GEPN please post their stats??!

    I am finishing up my undergrad now (graduating early woop!) from the University of Chicago, wondering if I have a shot at the MEPN/GEPN big leagues aka Yale, Columbia, UPenn. I will probably graduate with a ~3.2 GPA in Bio, which is average for my college but still worries me. Do you guys think that undergrad rigor is taken into account? My health advisor told me I am the only person in my entire class going into nursing!

    Thanks guys!!
  8. by   chula5008
    @zhazha1: I think Yale is really a "whole package" type of place. It seems like you have a good background, though; my advice is to write the best essay of your life - and try to do reasonably well on the GRE's. If you get an interview, do some research on your interviewer and come prepared with questions, comments, and knowledge about their subject areas. I think it goes a long way. Best of luck!
  9. by   MPHW
    Wondering if anyone had any thoughts about using NP in the essay vs. spelling out Nurse Practitioner. too informal? it saves a lot of space though. thoughts?
  10. by   MaridithRN
    I'm curious since you're one of the only RNs I've heard from, how did your interview go?
  11. by   carolineacar
    Hi All!

    Congrats to all those who have applied! And, to all those who have conquered! I am anticipating to join the class starting Fall, 2014 and any words of wisdom from my predecessors will be greatly appreciated!

    My background is in operations. I have worked for a private non-profit law firm for almost 5 years and I designed their database. I hold a B.S. and M.S in Management from Saint Joseph College in CT. I finally realized I want to become a nurse- I need to become a nurse. After becoming a partial caregiver to some of my elderly relatives I realized this is what I meant to do. My mother is a nurse- so I guess you could say it's in the blood- ha ha!

    Any information/help I am willing to take! Please if anyone has insight they are willing to share on how I can make this dream a reality I will be most grateful!

    Thanks! Caroline