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I didn't see a thread, so I started one. I am planning on applying this fall for the Direct Entry MSN program. Anyone else?... Read More

  1. by   rainkissedleaves
    okay got it! Thanks Blue
  2. by   mochikat
    Hi Maseca! Glad to see I'm not the only one lurking around to see if any questions need some answering!

    I'm also in this year's cohort with Maseca. The allnurses thread for Fall 2012 was SO helpful that I was hoping someone would start a fall 2013 one so that I can pay it forward. I really didn't know that much about WesternU until I started looking into nursing programs. The only one I had heard of was SMU in northern Cali from a good friend. I went to both an information session (usually hosted in the evening on a weekday) and Preview Day (hosted on a Saturday and they provide breakfast and some great information about the University itself, not just the college you are looking into). I found both extremely informative and very welcoming.

    Like Maseca, I didn't have the best grades my first two years in undergrad due to some family issues. However, I worked very hard on all my prereqs and had multiple friends rip apart my personal statement. Ultimately, I think it boils down to the personal statement and the interview. Reason why I say this is because not all students in this cohort are straight A, cum laude students. We all come from a variety of educational backgrounds (arts, sciences, humanities, etc.) and some even already have a masters degree in another discipline. I also touched on why I wanted to go to WesternU specifically as well as my personal motivations for wanting to pursue a career in the health professions.

    So far, orientation week has been wonderful and definitely cemented the fact that I made the right choice for me in choosing this school. They are very student-centered and definitely go out of their way to ensure every student's success in the program. In addition, I think they were very selective in who they chose to make sure that the cohort would function well as a group/team. So far, I have not gotten any vibes of competitiveness which you may find in some schools between students but rather waves of support.
  3. by   Maseca
    Couldn't agree more with MochiKat's assessment of why orientation week has done nothing but solidify my enthusiasm for Western. I can't wait for classes to start! See you Monday MochiKat!!!!
  4. by   rainkissedleaves
    Just submitted my application for Western U.

  5. by   BlueEyes85
    How's everyone's apps coming along?! Anyone else out there applying to Western? We had such a huge following last year...I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we will this year as well!
  6. by   joaniiieh31
    hELLo gUYS.. Western sent me an email last Friday informing me that my application was sent to the committee for evaluation. I'm not sure if they're doing early decisions but I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I hope everything goes well.
  7. by   rainkissedleaves
    good luck! i wish you the best!
  8. by   rainkissedleaves
    Did you finish all your pre-reqs?
  9. by   BlueEyes85
    I have! Do you have any still in progress?
  10. by   rainkissedleaves
    yea i finish 2 of them this semester: anatomy and nutrition.

    i will send my transcripts asap to Western after my fall semester is over with.
  11. by   BlueEyes85
    Kritkat, just to clarify, did you submit your current transcripts with your application? If not, I would recommend sending what you have and then once your new grades are posted-send another copy. Only because on the application checklist it says we should send in our transcripts with our application.
  12. by   rainkissedleaves
    yes yes, I did send them my transcripts! Thanks Blueeyes! Do you know if the mail is to be post marked by Oct 1 or is it supposed to reach by Oct 1?

  13. by   BlueEyes85
    Ok good! I got worried for you for a second I believe it says postmarked.