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I am looking for any fellow Walden University students and alumni. I will finish the classwork for my MSN around Christmas this year and then have a synthesis project to do for the next 16 weeks. Has anyone done one of these? ... Read More

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    I am currently a Walden Student and am a little nervous about having all my portfolio assignments. I have taken 18 credits and I have my POS and I think 4 portfolio assignments which I uploaded to a folder on my Walden dashboard. So I think I am OK because I think my first class did not have a portfolio assignment. Any thoughts on this or how the rest of you are keeping your portfolio assignments safe. I have them saved in my laptop in a folder and then as I said on the Walden Dashboard as well.

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    Hi all,

    I just applied to Walden's MHA program and am waiting to here back whether I am accepted into the program or not. I appreciate all the comments everyone has posted. My friend actually is almost finished with her courses at Walden for her MSN in Nursing Informatics. She has enjoyed the program and school so far but always tells me to be prepared for tons of reading and writing (which is fine ).

    I have a BSN and have been working in public health for almost 3 years in NYC. Looking forward to using my MHA at our company in the future.

    Any suggestions for prepping? I would start Oct 31 if I get accepted. I currently own a MacBook Pro that I was planning to use for the course. Any other supplies I need or study tools you all recommend? (I'm just kind of giddy to do some back to school shopping)

    Take care and have a great weekend!
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    I just enrolled in the DNP program. Is anyone currently in the program? How is the program going?

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