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Vanderbilt Pre-Specialty Entry 2012 - page 2

Hey everyone!!! I did not see a thread for Vanderbilt applicants for the Pre-Speciality program for 2012 so I am starting one to reach out to all of those who applied :) It appears admission... Read More

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    Hey Ashley! We already made one-- Search "Vanderbilt School of Nursing - Accepted Fall 2012" and you should find it!
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    Hey everyone! I will be applying to the Vanderbilt FNP program for 2013 after I graduate with my Biology degree. I was a Pre-Med student, but have lost interest in going to medical school. I was wondering if you would mind commenting back with your GPA's, GRE scores, etc. that got you into the program so I know where I stand. I would GREATLY appreciate any wisdom from you all and CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who was accepted. - E.S.
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    I'm planning on applying to this program for either 2013 or 2014, what sort of GPA/GRE scores/experience did students who were accepted this year have? I'm trying to figure out how strong of an applicant I am currently. I have a 3.5 GPA overall but only a 3.0 Science GPA (about a 3.2 for all the pre-reqs), my GRE score were 620 (verbal reasoning), 700 (quantitative), and a 5.0 (writing). I recently started volunteering at a community health clinic, but don't have any other work experience that is directly in the field, although I've worked at a specialty veterinary practice for the last five years. I'm planning on retaking the GRE to try and get a better score, too; the first time I pretty much just took it, without any prep. Are my stats similar to anyone who got in this year or totally off?
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    i'm not sure if anyone is still looking at this thread, but does anyone have information about the quarter to semester credit hours conversion that vandy uses? standard--1 quarter credit = 2/3 of a semester credit, or do they round?
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    Does anyone know if Vanderbilt being NLNAC accredited will matter when searching for a job? I only ask because I see that most direct entry MSN programs are CCNE accredited