USA Adult NP starting 8/22/11

  1. Hello to everyone!

    I have read many posts in regards to the USA NP program being viewed both positively and negatively...most posts were related to the FNP program.

    I have been accepted to the Adult NP program and start this August for part-time studies. If anyone would like to email me and correspond throughout the semesters, please do. I find it helps to have someone to converse with. I am going to work part time (three 8hr shifts a week) and hope that I can manage work and studies. If anyone has experience with this program (part or full time) please feel free to comment and share your experiences.

    Again, please email me if you are starting this August for the Adult NP at USA.

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  3. by   DAP AGPC-NP-C
    Hi Shannon , I'm also starting the anp/GNP at USA this fall. I'm doing a postmasters but am also doing part-time. I am registering for path in the fall. I'll email you my info...would love to corresponde.
  4. by   ShugRN2010
    Hey!!I'm also a student at USA. I will be taking Patho and Research in the spring semester!!Will you all give me some pointers on Patho and Research? I'm really nervous about next semester (I'm getting married in April 2012 and my bachelorette party is in Vegas)!!!I really have to hit the ground running!!!thanks and I hope all is well!
  5. by   DAP AGPC-NP-C
    So far patho has been a lot of material to digest. We have a test every two weeks. We have taken two tests so far and they are scheduled on tuesdays. Good luck with you wedding not sure I would be able to handle all of that activity. ( im only in 1 class...patho and am doing a post master)
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