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Hi everyone. I've been looking through the forum and can't seem to find any information from people who applied to the USD MEPN program for this upcoming fall. I've seen posts from previous years but was wondering who else... Read More

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    Hannah, are you sure you're not on the NursingCAS site?
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    No I'm on the USD website
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    Does it say under application status?
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    Well I don't know about NursingCAS, but when you go to and login there should be a tab that says announcements, one that says applicant and possibly one that says admitted. This is not a definite "in" though. The site says that acceptance letters are sent in the regular mail. But, some students are seeing "admitted" tabs and the assumption is that they have been accepted to the fall 2013 cohort. email me <>
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    Thanks Leah for the info. That's exactly where I'm looking, but I don't see an admitted tab. Wonder what it means...
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    Thanks Hannah! I hope this means that I got in. Good luck to you!
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    I saw the same thing too. They may be triggered as they print letters. I had called yesterday and they said they were processing the letters and that they'd go out this week. Good luck to everyone.
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    I saw the same thing and I'm scared it's too good to be true because I've definitely talked to 5 people who also have been accepted! The letters were mailed out Monday and Tuesday. Please update as soon as you all receive letters! I'm in San Francisco so hopefully it will come today or tomorrow. It's hard to tell if it's official without the letter in hand :\

    Anyways, Congrats to those who have gained acceptance!
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    Do you guys think if the "accepted" tab doesn't appear that we were denied?

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