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Anyone applied to and/or have heard from the University of South Alabama Psych NP for Masters or BSN-DNP online for Spring 2012? Anyone with experience with this program and would like to share... Read More

  1. by   RosasuperpoyoRN
    Can someone give me information. I applied to USA for Summer and I am waiting for acceptance. Is there anyone in the program here.

  2. by   RosasuperpoyoRN
    Good luck!!

    I am happy for you. Can you give me some information.. I am waiting for Summer 2012.

  3. by   Pinky687
    For everyone accepted, would you mind telling me about your nursing experience? I recently obtained my RN license, but I'm interested in the BSN-DNP program at USA. Thanks!
  4. by   rasmataz
    I've applied to this same program for Fall 2012 and am waiting for a decision.

    I wonder though, how was your experience with interactions with the head of this program, Dr. KW? I found her very rude and impatient with my questions online and this concerns me because she is the lead professor on many of the psych np courses!

    I'd REALLY appreciate your thoughts!!

  5. by   rasmataz
    . . . . oops. My questions was to chingy1206 regarding the USA master's psych np program.


  6. by   CassB
    I also applied for the Psych BSN-DNP program. I am anxiously awaiting a decision. To make matters worse, I just received a phone call from kw regarding my psychiatric experience. I emailed her back, which she asked me to do and gave her the details (the same details that was in my application materials...), and her reply back was "Thanks for the update. Take care." AHH!! That could not make me feel any worse lol. My stomach is in even more knots than it already was! Really hoping we get letters soon...
  7. by   CassB
    Just received an email that stated decision letters are delayed and won't be mailed out until Friday, April 20th now. More waiting lol. It's nice that they updated us though.
  8. by   lildrekie
    Good luck to you guys. I am in the program (BSN-DNP Psych @ USA) and its really good. CassB, don't fret. When I applied I was contacted about a similar thing, but here I am. Mistake it not, USA is highly competitive though. I have a psych NP w/several yrs & good grades that I consult with occasionally for advice and he has applied to USA twice and knows others how've applied 4-5x w/o acceptance. If u get-in, it's because you're the creme-de-la-creme; and I'm not bias at all. It was my honor. Good luck again to you!
  9. by   CassB
    Thanks lildrekie. That makes me feel better lol. Can I ask how many years of psych nsg experience you had before acceptance? I only have two years...which I know is the minimum they ask for. I've only done psych ever since I graduated. I have a competitive GPA so hoping that may help me out with my lack of experience. We will see!
  10. by   lildrekie
    Sure. 2-yrs full-time at Charge Nurse level.
  11. by   sheronep
    thats more than I received. Sounds positive to me.
  12. by   tiff3058
    I received a phone call that I was tentatively accepted into the program but am awaiting the letter later this week for the post master's psych-DNP program. Hopefully I can link up with others attending the Aug 2012 DNP intensive in AL. I am a FNP (licensed last summer) but wish I would have just gone straight into a Psych NP program and I would have been alot further in my psych career than beginning it now. It is a highly competitive program from what I hear and very rigorous I have heard from some.

    Good Luck to all!

  13. by   lildrekie
    That's great tiff. The DNP was really good. Great info. Campus & bookstore is really nice. The work is challenging, especially if you work full-time. Your ability to write, APA format, nursing research, PDF files, and real world advanced practice nursing is about to become your best friend or worst enemy. Give yourself the time. I highly suggest if you're full-time, make plans to get part-time at least by your 2nd-3rd semester. It'll help u a lot. Good Luck! & Congrats! It's a great journey!