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    Also wanted some opinions on taking pre-req's...

    I've finished Nutrition and Anatomy.

    I'm taking Developmental Psychology online for winter session.

    For spring semester, I am torn between taking Chemistry, Statistics, and Physiology. I have taken Chem and Stats before during undergrad, but received a C+ in both so I need to retake it to be a competent applicant.

    I was considering taking Chem and Stats together - since I have taken them both before so it's not completely new material - but with the way that Chem professors are at these CC's, I don't think it's advisable for me to take them together (I also work full-time).

    So I am thinking that now I will take Chem by itself, and over the summer, will take Physiology and Stats at UCLA extension? Has anyone taken courses at UCLA extension? Are they worth the high price tag?

    Thank you.

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