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  1. I am trying to finish up on my statement of purpose essay for FNP grad. program. Looking for a little more insite on how to narrow down something and what to focus more on. I'd appreciate any input. Thanks!

    One of the biggest advantages in choosing nursing as a profession is the broad range of possible careers that are available under the title of registered nurse. My aspiration of becoming a nurse came from the woman I admire most, my mother, whom proudly wore her white cap. Coming from this nursing- based family, my aspiration of becoming a nurse started when I was young and was enhanced with the motivation of an APRN, who double majored in Family Nurse Practitioner and Nurse Midwifery, came to my high school career day. Her admiration of her job gave me the extra incentive to purse a degree in nursing. Upon receiving my ADN, then BSN, I took an educational leave to raise my 2 children, both whom have Leber Optic Atrophy. After numerous years researching our children's condition, my family went to China this past year for umbilical stem cell infusions. This opportunity of witnessing the enhancement of medical science was empowering and gave me the final drive to now purse my goal of becoming an FNP.

    By earning a Master's Degree I aim to challenge myself further by encountering new experiences that would not only enhance my education, but also professional development. The APRN degree that I would like to pursue is Family Nurse Practitioner. In this role I will be able to care for infants to the elderly in terms of wellness, acute and chronic illnesses, and different variations of presenting symptoms & treatment management. As a FNP, I would be able to provide more comprehensive care and build rapport with patients and their families for their own personal health through assessment, diagnosis, and structured management. Earning this degree would allow me to strengthen my existing skills to better serve and assist the patient population. With the rise in co-morbid conditions, there is greater need for health awareness and promotion, as well as disease prevention. The flexibility in this career enables you to provide care through evidence-based practice on various age groups and ethnicity in a career that continues to grow with endless opportunities to practice.

    Given the opportunity to join the ...program in Nursing, I will be able to fulfill my career goal. The program demonstrated a structured accredited web-based program, SIM center, and flexibility of full/part time options, attentive clinical professors, and clinical preceptor placement is a great fit for me while fulfilling a demanding work schedule and caring for my children. I personally have had the pleasure of utilizing a SIM center through our Emergency Department for the sole purpose of continuing education. There are great benefits utilizing the hands-on experience in the SIM center through real life scenarios that contribute to being educated in a safe and controlled environment.

    Working in Emergency Department and ICU I have had multiple experiences that have enhanced my knowledge over the past 12 years to manage and care for critical, acute, and chronic patients varying in ages from infant to the elderly with different cultural backgrounds. I have been honored to work in collaboration with the NP and interdisciplinary team in both settings and have seen their direct role in patient care and their patient management and the amount of autonomy & rapport they have with each other and patients, that I can see myself practicing in the role of a Family Nurse Practitioner.
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  3. by   SHGR
    I can see that you have had a lot of powerful experiences that led you to nursing and then pushed you to pursue higher education. One thing that I think would strengthen your SOP and clarify that is to organize it into parts: first what led you to nursing itself; then, what your career entailed; then, what led you to pursue graduate education, specifically FNP. I like how you show the breadth of your experience and how it dovetails with the FNP role.

    I would leave out the part where you rave about their program --that part sort of sounds like you are selling them their own program, or writing for their recruitment brochure, know what I mean? It is not the tone of an essay for this purpose- personally I think that removing the entire paragraph about the SIM center will strengthen your essay.

  4. by   confetti
    I really liked your statement of purpose! How did it go?
    But I have to agree with SHGR, MSN, RN, CNS: It does sound a little bit like a brochure. That's why I really liked this SoP for PhD. It doesn't sound like it's selling a program.
    Also, is it okay to post your statement of purpose online?