STAT! I need some amazing Allnurses brain power for NP capstone Ideas PLEASE!!!!!

  1. Hello all! I am in need of serious help formulating an idea for capstone ideas. I am ABOSUTELY clueless on what I would like to do. I am in the FNP track so here are my preferences in thinking of ideas:

    *Populations I would like to work with: Preferably college aged students.

    *criteria for acceptance by my professor: has to be a quantitative study, has to be able to be implemented by an RN, has a clear and *simple* purpose, with a clear intervention. (and there has to be a good amount of literature regarding this issue)

    I have asked if I could do smoking intention among college students...and was SHOT DOWN hard!!! Since then, I have no freaking clue of even where to start, or no ideas to even think of. Any ideas???????
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  3. by   canchaser
    I just did a quick google search on college age Health issues. Came up on google scholar with binge drinking and mental health. A lot of mental health issues... Being away from home, schizophrenia is diagnosed more frequently at this age. Coping skills as they mature. Hope this may help.
  4. by   canchaser
    Who don't you post this under the APN tab and see if some of the NP student might help too
  5. by   Trilldayz,RN BSN
    Thank you sooo much for trying to assist me. I definately will start looking into those ideas. And I will post this in the APN area as well.