STAT! I need some amazing Allnurses brain power for NP capstone Ideas PLEASE!!!!!

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    Hello all! I am in need of serious help formulating an idea for capstone ideas. I am ABOSUTELY clueless on what I would like to do. I am in the FNP track so here are my preferences in thinking of ideas:

    *Populations I would like to work with: Preferably college aged students.

    *criteria for acceptance by my professor: has to be a quantitative study, has to be able to be implemented by an RN, has a clear and *simple* purpose, with a clear intervention. (and there has to be a good amount of literature regarding this issue)

    I have asked if I could do smoking intention among college students...and was SHOT DOWN hard!!! Since then, I have no freaking clue of even where to start, or no ideas to even think of. Any ideas???????

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    I just did a quick google search on college age Health issues. Came up on google scholar with binge drinking and mental health. A lot of mental health issues... Being away from home, schizophrenia is diagnosed more frequently at this age. Coping skills as they mature. Hope this may help.
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    Who don't you post this under the APN tab and see if some of the NP student might help too
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    Thank you sooo much for trying to assist me. I definately will start looking into those ideas. And I will post this in the APN area as well.

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