Samuel Merritt ELMSN/CM Case Management Spring 2013

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    Hi everyone!

    I've noticed that there is a thread for the FNP applicants for Spring 2013, but there isn't one for Case Management applicants.

    I want to start one here because I've been posting in their thread and everyone else is an FNP applicant. I applied for the Sacramento Spring 2013 cohort.

    Good luck everyone!

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    Hi Lenaelle! I've been reading the FNP thread too, it would be nice to have a separate CM one as well :-) I applied to the ELMSN-CM program and the ABSN as well. I have an interview this Tuesday for CM. Getting a bit nervous as it gets closer! Good luck to everyone with their interviews!
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    Same here! What time is yours?
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    It's at 10am. Hopefully late enough to miss most of the worst traffic... What about you?
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    Mine is at 2pm. Good luck!! I am super nervous.
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    How was your interview?
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    It went very well! The faculty member I interviewed with was very nice. It was much less intimidating than I had psyched myself up for :-) How was yours?
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    I received an early acceptance today. I actually didn't think I did very well, but I received a call around 6 telling me I got accepted. good luck! I'm sure you did great!
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    Congratulations! I'll be part of the Spring CM cohort too :-) Didn't want to stress anyone out in case they hadn't gotten all their early admit calls done yet. Now for the craziness of getting everything all set up for January!
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    Congrats! Two of my friends also got called for an early admittance. That's 4 out of 24 slots so far? I wonder how many more interviews they have... I also think another woman got accepted that interviewed the same time as me. So that's possibly 5 out of 24. What's your name? I can't wait to meet you!

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