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Hi everyone! I've noticed that there is a thread for the FNP applicants for Spring 2013, but there isn't one for Case Management applicants. I want to start one here because I've been posting... Read More

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    Yeah I was wondering if they were going to set up another day or two of interviews, I am curious as to how many applicants they got. I know it's nothing like the FNP track! I look forward to meeting you, and the rest of the group. We have a crazy year coming up! I'm really excited.

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    Oh, and my name's Angela :-)
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    Nice to meet you! My name is Lena. I've heard somewhere they interview 40-50 people and choose 24?
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    Yes those are about the figures I'd read. I am just a bit surprised that no one else is posting yet. It seems like the message board are a bit quieter all around for this spring. i guess we'll meet everyone at the orientation!
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    First of all congrats!! and more Congrats... Thats super exciting. I am applying for the Nov.1 deadline to the Oakland Campus ELMSN- Case Management. Could you provide any tips on how to prepare for the interview? How long was it? What types of questions did you ask? How did you dress? Did you bring any other documents with you? Anything else/tips/pointers?

    Thanks :-)
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    Well, this might not be much help, but I read from other people on here to just prepare as if it was a job interview (and dress accordingly). Learn about the program/job, prepare how to state why you are a good fit for it, and that's about all. Oh, and think of any questions you might have for them. I read on here other people had to explain some poor grades, but that didn't happen at my interview. It is one-on-one and mine lasted maybe a bit over a half-an-hour, I think? I didn't pay close attention. The faculty member I spoke with was very nice and we had a good conversation about the program/field. I was very nervous right beforehand (although I'd not been too bad up til right when i got to the waiting room!), but it really wasn't bad :-) Once I relaxed, I really enjoyed talking to her and left feeling confident and even more interested in the program.
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