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Hi Everyone, I haven't seen this thread yet and as the application date (July 1) looms closer I thought I would start one. I am interested to know who is applying, what your undergraduate degree of... Read More

  1. by   ALXiong
    Hello, chlochlo. The program director only mention one sentence about that in the beginning of the interview. She said that phone calls would go out for those who got accepted and mails (I assumed she meant email) for wait-list as soon as they finish interviewing all those applicants they invited. Before leaving, the another faculty came and said that expecting the notification about status by the end of Sep after the last group of interviews. I know that last year some applicants got early admittance into the program shortly after interview. I think they may not be doing that this year because no one so far heard getting acceptances yet. I may be wrong though because there are a lot of applicants are not on this forum sharing their status. I am not sure everyone is aware. SMU is under accreditation progress and campus visit from CCNE for the DNP program, so maybe faculties are very busy preparing for that big event happening right now. They may do something different this year to notify all the applicants at the same time. A lot of things are just my assumptions and thoughts based on what I saw and read. If others have other good insights, please feel free to correct what I said.
  2. by   JeninCA
    Thanks for your input, ALXiong. I was looking back at last year's forum and they did start accepting people earlier. However, you may be right that since they are going through accreditation right now the schedule is probably going to be different.

    Either way, it is getting close to the end. I have my re-app interview this weekend, so I will post any updates they provide.

    Again, good luck to everyone. I know we are all "competing" for one of those valuable spots, but I really do wish everyone the best of luck in pursing their dream.
  3. by   chlochlo
    Thanks for all the input!
  4. by   jly0162
    Sisyer2 and JeninCAI hope to meet you both this weekend !
  5. by   JeninCA
    Quote from jly0162
    Sisyer2 and JeninCAI hope to meet you both this weekend !
    Hi Jly0162! What time is your interview? Mine is 10-12. Hope to meet you too. If not, good luck!
  6. by   jly0162
    I am interviewing in the 1-3pm slot. Good Luck !!
  7. by   chlochlo
    Let us know how it goes! And good luck for everyone interviewing tmr! )
  8. by   ALXiong
    Good luck to all of you interviewing this Saturday!
  9. by   Sisyer2
    Cool Jly0162! My interview is 10-12. Good luck!
  10. by   yay123
    Hi everyone,

    I wish you all very good luck with your interviews! I am planning to apply for Fall 2013 in Oakland. I am wondering if anyone can give me advice on the TEAS. I recently took it and got my score back. I don't know if I should retake it. Do you guys know what Samuel Merritt's position and standards are for the TEAS? According to their FAQs, it says the applicant should at least get the national average or exceed it. How is Version 5 compared to the prior versions, if its known to be "harder"? Can someone who got an interview please give me some insight on their scores? Like how much above the national average or what is the minimum score to competitive? I am so confused and anxious! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
  11. by   ALXiong
    Congratulation on taking your first step into nursing career. I just want to give you my advise is that SMU doesn't solidly look at your TEAS score. I didn't have a high TEAS score (it is low trust me!) myself. You are stressing out too much on just one piece of the element in their application. If you dont have a good TEAS, you can try to strength your application by other stuffs such as Higher GPA, more extra curriculum, letters of recommendation, and importantly your personal statement why you want to do nursing and why you choose SMU. I really feel that they are trying to find the passionate students that fit their program. A lot of people can have very high TEAS exam, but TEAS didn't say how good a nurse they can be. (Not to offend people with high TEAS, just example ) Just be yourself and relax! Take your time to fill out your application and PS. Good luck!
  12. by   yay123
    Thanks for the quick reply ALXiong!

    It is just a very anxiety provoking process. I just want to know where my TEAS score stand because I have no idea what to thinking about it. Any suggestions will help! Thanks!
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  13. by   Sisyer2
    Hi yay123! I know it is an anxiety provoking process, but I totally agree with ALKiong: there are a lot of important factors, not just the TEAS. I did pretty well on my TEAS, but I have not been accepted to SMU (this will be my 2nd try at the Sac campus); however, I have a friend who scored significantly lower than me on the TEAS and she got on the waitlist..... So don't put too much weight on it - other things matter just as much, if not more. Just because someone doesn't score super high on the TEAS does not mean that he/she will not be a good nurse. I am sure you will be fine! Just make sure you have good reference letters, experience if you can, or volunteer work, and a strong personal statement. You'll do great.