Problem with online programs allowing clinical sites in certain states

  1. Hi all! If anyone has info related to this please let me know. I applied to online msn programs as I am probably moving to Maryland this fall and wanted to be able to complete my program from either Florida (my current state) or Maryland. None of the programs stated on the application that moving to another state before clinicals could present a problem. I was accepted to UAB and Vanderbilt. Uab now tells me that I am not allowed to complete cljnicals in Maryland due to some issue with the board of nursing and education. Vanderbilt has been unable to tell me whether it is a problem for them or not. I was ecstatic to start an msn program this fall and this news may completely change my whole plan for receiving my degree. If anyone can share any info or advice on this please let me know. Thanks!
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  3. by   llg
    I recommend not starting any program until you know exactly where you will be living while you will doing your clinicals -- and getting a contract in place between the school and the agency. I handle affiliation agreements for my hospital and sometimes, it is easy to put an agreement with a school in place -- and other times, it is impossible. Don't assume anything.

    You are smart to be thinking of these things before you enter your educational program.

    Make your move and identify your likely preceptors. Talk to the people who make the affiliation agreements for those practice facilities. Then (and only them) committ to a school that will be able to work with that clinical facilitiy.

    Good luck.