Pretty sure I blew my grad interview (PMHNP)

  1. Ugh, I just feel sick about this! I sort of knew ahead of time that the interview would be your basic "what strengths do you have/what are your biggest concerns about being a graduate student" etc type stuff but I do NOT do well in interviews and I feel like I totally blew it! I actually blathered on for probably nearly ten minutes on the question "what are your biggest strengths as a nurse" and went all over the place from talking about taking a holistic approach to something about being manipulated by patients with borderline personalities (?!?!?) to my LACK of med surg experience. At some point I realized I really had no idea what I was trying to get across but of course I couldn't just stop talking. My interviewer's face was clearly confused/incredulous as I tried desperately to be articulate. Ugh! This isn't just me being afraid I came across badly, I know when I nail interviews and I most decidedly bungled this one. I feel like crying! It's been two days now and I just can't stop thinking about it even though I am really, really trying.

    I still think my chances are good since there are not many of us applying to the program but I feel like I came across as so...mental! I hope they were able to tell it's mostly nerves. The rest of my admission materials should be pretty strong. I think I probably put myself near the bottom of the pool with my interview though!
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  3. by   Umberlee
    In fact I'm pretty sure I came across about like this.
  4. by   resilientnurse
    Why don't you follow up your interview immediately with a nice thank you letter and take that opportunity to express yourself intelligently and perhaps add some additional points to highlight how well you write while emphasizing your true interest in psych mental health?
  5. by   mzaur
    Quote from Umberlee
    In fact I'm pretty sure I came across about like this.
    LOL that was cringeworthy. I doubt you did as bad as you think! Just learn from this experience and prepare better for next time :-)
  6. by   priorities2
    I know the feeling - everyone gets nervous and says the wrong thing sometimes. I'm sure they've seen it before. Plus, it's only one school. There are many more out there!