Non-nursing BS entry accelerated PMHNP

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    I will finish up my masters program in psych in a year and will be eligible for an LPC after some supervision. I am interested in doing a Psychiatric Nurse Practioner (PMHNP) instead of going on for my PhD or PsyD. My background:EMT-IVBS in Psych (all science prereqs except Microbio and Anatomy)MA in Clinical Psychology (LPC eligible)Much clinical experience in hospitals, EMT, and psychI am looking for an accelerated program, I have heard I can do it in 3 years. (1 year for my RN and 2 more for NP with specialty in Psych)I will also be licensed to do therapy because of my LPC. What options do I have? I have one year of graduate school left and would like to start a nursing program in fall or summer of 2013. I currently have a 3.96 in grad school, but just below 3.0 for undergrad due to all the science courses I took. My GRE isn't spectacular though. I guess, what are my chances and what are my options?It seems confusing of what to look at. I plan on shadowing a PMHNP that's faculty at a major university soon to ask her options as well. Thank you in advance!

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