MSN program Saint Joseph's College, Maine

  1. Any St. Joseph's College MSN students out there willing to talk?

    I have questions about how their online classes are delivered. It's a bit different than what I was used to. I did my degree completion through IWU online. This seems to be more of an independent study type program. I'm concerned that I won't have the support of being with other people.

    Thanks, I'd appreciate any insight.
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  3. by   babynurse73
    Did you like IWU's RN to BSN program. Im thinking about that one, but the cohort thing scares me a bit. And the shadowing/practicum sort of bothers me just because I don't like having to ask others for help. I know that's silly, but I think I'd rather work independently. Please let me know how IWU's program was for you. Thank you!!
  4. by   mathilda843
    Overall, I felt that it was an excellent education. The program is well organized and efficiently run. You register for the entire program, not individual classes. All books and materials are shipped right to your door - no need to search for books or buy them through a store.
    The facilitators ( instructors ) are knowledgeable, approachable, and available.
    The "group" work can be rather daunting. It's often difficult to manage a project long distance through the internet. But, it can be done with minimal problem. You need to pay attention when classes are starting and every one is getting to "know" each other. Look for those who seem to have something in common with you - age, philosophies, same work environment, etc. Although it was sometimes difficult to manage, without the other 2 women in my "group", I would have found it much more difficult to get through. Here you'll have a source of help, support and encouragement, as well as friendship, that does alot to boost your confidence.
    It's alot of work, but it is "doable." It's refreshing to be able to get other opinions and share other's experiences. You'll learn alot about yourself as well as your profession.
    So - Go for it!
    Best of luck to you with whatever you decide. Feel free to ask me anything about the program should the need arise.