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    For those who wants to pursue administration (with a nursing background), which degree is better? preferable? MSN/MBA dual degree program or MS in Healthcare Admin?

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    Personally, I think the MSN/MBA combo is better -- because it gives you an advanced degree in nursing that might be helpful/required at some point for nursing administration -- and also gives you legitimate business credentials. While the MS in Healthcare Administration is a good choice for some people, it does not give you an advanced education in nursing -- and that may become a problem if you are trying to become a leader of nurses. People with advanced education in nursing may look at you and think ("Her highest nursing degree is an entry-level degree. She never got beyond the entry-level content in nursing. She is more of a hospital administrator than a nursing leader.")

    Also, the MSN/MBA combo sets you up for a DNP or PhD in nursing later if you want it. Without that Master's in Nursing, you probably have to take some extra courses to get into a doctoral program in nursing -- and that's what a lot of big-time nursing administrators are getting these days.
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    Hi llg! appreciate the comment! it was very helpful! You're right, taking MSN/MBA makes more sense.

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