Long term care or hospital setting to advance career?

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    I've been in nursing for over 24 years. I started at 16 as a CNA, than LPN, than RN, than BSN, and recently (December 2012) I graduated with a dual masters (MSN/MHA). I currently work as an ADON in a long term care facility but seem to be stuck in this position. I have an opportunity to go back into the hospital setting, but would have go back up to a staff nurse because I don't have budgeting skills or the ability to run the whole facility as I am an assistant director, not DON. Also I was just promoted to this position in June from being a unit manager of which I never had to deal with scheduling, budgeting, etc. I've worked a wide range of areas and simply want to grow now in my career. What would be the quickest path? Stay and hope to become a DON soon, or go back to the hospital setting as a staff nurse and grow through the clinical ladder?
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