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I just got accepted to a DNP program for the fall. For those of you in a program, even at a Master's level, could you please give me some suggestions on helpful study guides/books/websites/anything that you feel has helped you... Read More

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    I am getting my MSN at another Florida school and was looking at the DNP program at UCF. Can you give me any insight on what you think about the program? Good/bad? Are you full or part time? One last question, do they encourage you to work and go to school? I like how University of Miami has their program that is a 3 day weekend, once a month for one year. Was wondering if UCF is anything like that?


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    I will be starting Valpo post MSN DNP program fall of 2011 what do you think about the program.
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    I'm part time at UCF. So far, it's been fine. I don't work but that's because I have 2 small children. They don't discourage you from working at all, and it seems like the program is geared towards people that do work. Actually most of my classmates do work. I dont' think they have anything like what UM has (the weekends). There's quite a few online classes and when you are in a semester that has required face-to-face classes they try to make them in the same day so you only have to go once a week. I haven't started clinicals yet but I'm pretty sure you have to do 10 hours a week per rotation. So if you do three 12's at work you should have time to do clinicals and class. Hope that helps!
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    Thanks so much for the reply
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    Hello all,

    I was accepted to the BSN to DNP program for Fall 2011. I will be going to school part time and working full time. I read what you had written, LiLo, about no hospital rotations. I find that kind of odd. Do you know where we will be doing our clinicals? Also, has anyone heard about an orientation or signing up for classes yet? I can't wait to meet you all. Thank you everyone for your help in advance.
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    I am interested in applying to the UCF DNP program. I am graduating from USF college of Nursing accelerated degree with my BSN. I also have my BSN in Biology from USF with a minor in Public Health. I have worked at Moffitt Cancer Center as a Tech (planning on working there when I gradtuate in December). My GPA is 3.5 and I do my clinicals at Tampa General Hospital. What percent of the program is online verses in class? Could I commute or are the majority of classes in Orlando? What is a decent GRE score to get in? Are the professors good? I am so excited to hear back!!! Thanks so much!


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