Impossible for me to choose between these 2 FNP programs

  1. Hello! I'm new to this site though I've been reading posts on here for a while now. Anyway, I am a currently BSN student at Boston College, graduating in May. I have decided to go right into a FNP program following graduation. (I've worked as a CNA since junior year of high school on a med/surg unit, and I've realized that acute care nursing is not where I see myself in the future. Instead I want to be a NP in primary care.) My dilemma here is that I was accepted into the FNP program at Boston College and I was recently interviewed at Yale for admission into their MSN program (FNP specialty), as well. Staying at BC would mean only one more year to complete an MSN (I'm currently taking 3 grad courses and would continue full-time study through the summer, fall, and then graduate in Spring 2013.) On the other hand, Yale would begin in Fall 2012, with a graduation date of May 2014.
    Yale is 25 minutes from home, so I would save money by living with my parents, but I might have housing covered at BC too through a RA position. (which I am waiting to hear back about). I guess my question is: Is a degree from Yale worth the extra time and tuition money? I would love to hear from anyone who is familiar with the YSN MSN program.

    Thanks so much <3
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  3. by   RNGriffin
    I would urge you to stay at Boston College, as you are receiving a MSN and not DNP! Therefore, you will soon be required to return to college for DNP by graduation at YALE! Although Yale is the better school, as far as reading a resume. You definitely should consider obtaining your doctorates from Yale, if that is a possibility.
    I must ask, what makes you think NPs do not work in acute care facilities and settings?
  4. by   lina620
    Thank you for the advice! I will most likely end up staying at BC, though I've spoken to many faculty members and nursing professionals who seem to agree that the DNP will not become the mandated entry point for NP's for A WHILE. The BSN has not even been mandated as entry for RN's, so to implement such a change (the DNP requirement) by 2015 would be nearly impossible.
    And no, by saying that I was becoming an NP to go into primary care-- I specifically meant I wanted to do family health NP as to practice in a primary care setting. I do realize that there are NP's (like acute care NP's and neonatal NPs for example) who practice in hospital settings, I just don't see myself taking that path.