Graduating UCLA with a very low GPA

  1. I just graduated UCLA with a major in psychology and a minor in education. I am graduating with a 2.7 (possibly a borderline 2.8, it depends on my grades from spring). Undergrad wasn't the best experience for me. I want to enter a masters post graduate program for entry level students (like those mepn and mecn programs). I am very worried about my prospects. I literally will go to any school that takes me but I am afraid I won't be accepted into any programs at all. I am currently taking prereqs at el camino college. I have a vague idea of what all these different programs require in terms of classes but I am at a loss on how to tackle post grad and how I'll even get in. I'm just extremely overwhelmed :/
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  3. by   meitelbach
    If you go online to UCLA's School of Nursing, you will find all of the prerequisites for the MECN program. I just graduated from the program, last Saturday. If you would like, you can email me and I will give you all of the specifics.
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    Thank you! I will be sure to shoot you an email