Georgetown Admissions CNM/WHNP 2012

  1. Hello Everyone,

    I'm currently in the process of applying to Georgetown (among other programs as well) and I couldn't be more excited/nervous! Anyone have any experience with the application/admission process, or the program itself? I could just really use some insight. I have had a good experience so far with the admission couselor, but of course she is going to be nice and super helpful. I've been less than successful in getting information about what it takes to get accepted. I appreciate that they look at the whole candidate, but I would love some specifics... I have a strong GPA, but I received my BSN online, is that likely a mark against me? I'm a little insecure about that. However, I have 6+ years of L&D experience and some really strong references.
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  3. by   lactationgurlRN
    So,did you get in? I just submitted my application for Jan 2013 for the CMNM/WHNP and I have my fingers crossed!
  4. by   Calpurnia
    I also applied for Jan 2012 CNM/WHNP. I submitted my application a couple of weeks ago and haven't heard anything yet, but hopefully soon! I'm nervous but somehow feeling much better now that I've submitted the application, like it is out of my hands now. Good luck to you!
  5. by   lactationgurlRN
    Sounds like we have similar paths! Good luck to you and let me know what happens. Hopefully, we will be classmates together in Jan!!
  6. by   lactationgurlRN

    Any news? No news for me.
  7. by   Calpurnia
    Oops, I meant to say that I applied for 2013. I found out yesterday that I was not accepted So now I need to find and settle on a different path, unfortunately. The time between when my application was complete and when I received my decision was exactly 2 weeks, so hopefully you will hear something soon. Good luck!
  8. by   lactationgurlRN
    WOW, so sorry to hear. I am curious as to what they are looking for. Like I said before, we have similar backgrounds. Don't give up!!! I am a realist and I am applying to other schools (Frontier, UC) too.
  9. by   Calpurnia
    Thanks! I'm also applying to some other schools (including Frontier, have heard such good things about them). Georgetown was my first choice (earlier start and shortest length), but I know I will find a good fit somewhere else. I knew that realistically, Georgetown would be very, very competitive. Never know until you try, I suppose. I'm actually a little surprised by how well I'm handling this rejection. I really, REALLY wanted this but I also told myself from the beginning that I couldn't get too down if I wasn't accepted. Like I said, now it is time to regroup and consider my other options. I hope you hear some good news soon!
  10. by   lactationgurlRN
    Oh, the wait. My last recommedation was submitted on Sunday, so I was informed I have up to 2 weeks from the completion.
  11. by   lactationgurlRN
    WOW, I was accepted. I am extremely happy but a little shocked as I have read many rejection posts and was preparing for the rejection letter.

    For all who question what they are looking for, this is for you. I feel my strengths were my passion (writing & interview) and IBCLC (since 2007). I am also a prenatal educator and I run the breastfeeding support groups at my local hospital. I have 12 years of L&D experience and 1 year of case management. I am a member of AWHONN (since 2000) and I am involved in my local ILCA chapter. My GPA was 3.67 (online BSN program at a brick/mortar school).

    Calpurina--I wish you success and I know you will get into a program.