Fall 2011 Graduate School ROLL CALL - page 5

HELLO! I saw this done in a 2009 post. And wanted to start it for all the 2011/2012 accepted graduate students! So JOIN this thread for some fun! 1. Name the school you will be attending 2.... Read More

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    Vanderbilt University
    MSN, ANP
    Work full-time
    School part-time
    So excited I cannot stand it!

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    1. Name the school you will be attending- University of San Francisco
    2. Degree you will be working on (including specialty)- MSN-CNL
    3. Whether you will be working full time or part time or quit-Part-Time
    4. Will you be attending school part time or full time-Part-Time

    I'm freaking nervous, but excited!
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    Case Western Reserve University
    MSN, Pysch NP
    Work full-time, part-time or prn (still trying to figure it out)
    School full-time
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    1. California State University Long Beach
    2. MSN AGNP
    3. Work full-time at first, go Per diem during clinical
    4. Part-time at first, then full time for clinical
    5. I am so excited to learn, very anxious as well. I know it will be challenging, but I can't wait to start.

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