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  1. 0 I applied for the Fall of 2013. I have not heard anything back about my application, but they specifically state on the website to please not call or email as it slows the admission process. Has anyone heard anything? Thank you!
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    I didn't listen and sent an email last monday, naturally I have not heard back from the admin associate. She is impossible to get ahold of which is really frustrating. I know two people who have been emailed about setting up interviews over a week ago, so now I am getting nervous.
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    I emailed yesterday and have not heard back. Maybe they set up interviews alphabetically? Thank you for responding to my post. I am new to this site.
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    I applied for the Fall 2013 FNP program as well. I have not heard anything at this point and I am very nervous that they have already sent interview invitations out. The website states they should be done by the end of February, so I am assuming I am not going to get an interview. But, I will try again next year!
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    I sent an email and have not heard anything. I am starting to think about applying elsewhere. I don't want to wait another year.
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    I applied as well and have not heard back, however a friend if mine already completed a Skype interview. Who knows! Has anyone heard anything from wcu, uncc, uncw, or unc?