East Carolina Direct Entry MSN Program

  1. 0 I am in the process of reseraching schools to apply to. I applied and got rejected from an Accelerated BSN program last year. I now know that I should have applied to several programs - I suppose I did not realize how competitive things were! Anyway, I live in an area with a few programs but have decided that I am willing to move. I don't really want to take the GRE but will if I have to. I have all of my pre-reqs completed and found out that the main reason I did not get into the program I applied for was my lack of "recent" direct patient care. I am currently working on that by completing my CNA and volunteering at the local free clinic. (By the way I had direct patient care for 5 years but took the year I was applying to school off since I needed to finish my pre-reqs).

    OK - so my question - are you or do you know anyone at ECU in the direct entry program? It was unclear on the website whether or not I need to take GRE and I also wanted to know how competitive the application/admissions process is?

    If you have any other suggestions for Direct Entry programs I would love to know about them - I am interested in southeast because that is close to my family. I live in the west now so I am not opposed to moving. The only other requirement I have is that I am on a tuition budget of about $10,000 per semester. I know I can't afford Yale or Vanderbilt.

    Thank you in advance - especially those who have information about ECU.
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