Columbia ETP vs. Yale GEPN for psych?

  1. I have posted this question before but I may have posted it in the wrong place and didn't get too many responses (not the grad school forum?) so I'm trying once again.

    I'm currently awaiting decisions from Columbia, Yale and BC for their combined RN/MSN programs. I applied to the psych specialty and have a Yale interview coming up this month. I live in NYC so Columbia is very convenient in terms of location -- but Yale is of course an amazing school and the opportunity to go there would be wonderful. But I can't seem to find much information on how the programs compare -- I mean, there is always the US News & World Report that ranks the schools... but I don't really know what that includes and what exactly is being rated -- and there's not much on the particular specialties. What is the difference between these programs, which one's better, and by how much? What have people's experiences been like in these programs? Does it make that big of a difference where you go when choosing between two well-renowned schools such as Columbia and Yale?

    Thanks much for any information you can offer.
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  3. by   Patty10
    Hi, I can't speak for Yale but I am currently in the FNP program at Columbia after surviving the ETP portion last year. I think it does make a huge difference where you decide to go! When you go for your interview see if you can talk to current students and get their opinions. Find out about your clinical sites and how many hours you need to graduate as well as what type of placements they put you in. During my year of ETP I felt the program was a little disorganized in regards to class curriculum and clinical placements could either make or break the different rotations. In addition it is important you find out how big your cohort will be and how many of you will be in clinical together. Sometimes in big clinical groups it is hard to get all the hands on teaching you may desire. Hope that helps a little!
  4. by   WilliamsRower
    Thanks a lot! The more info I can get about the experience at Columbia the better. I just had a full day of learning about Yale and that was fabulous. I keep hearing mixed reviews about Columbia and it makes me nervous.
  5. by   alwaysdesigning
    Hi WilliamsRower, I was wondering if you had learned anything more about Yale GEPN vs. Columbia ETP for psych? I'm in the same boat and waiting to hear back from both (for RN/MS adult psych mental health NP). Yale's interview day was definitely nice and their program seems great, but I would love to know more about Columbia's since the location is better for me. Are there any Columbia Psych NPs out there to comment? I'm interested in the program, clinical placements and where graduates are working.
  6. by   WilliamsRower
    Hey alwaysdesigning,

    I haven't found out much more, to be honest. I have a friend who finished the Columbia program for family NP and she and her friends from the program don't know ANYBODY who did the psych route -- which strikes me as a little strange. I was hoping to get in touch with some psych-ers and hear their take on the faculty, the overall program, and placements.

    I did my Yale interview about two weeks ago and was so impressed, loved the faculty and the community and what I heard about the clinical placements, but I live in NYC and would love to fall in love with Columbia to justify wanting to stay here. =) At this point, all I have come up with is that Columbia seems to be fairly disorganized and has a slightly less impressive first year program, but I know nothing about the specialty in comparison to Yale's (which is, as I'm sure you know, apparently fantastic for psych).

    I think what I'll end up doing is wait to hear about admissions, and if (hopefully when) I get accepted, I will go to the accepted applicants day and email the program director to try and get in touch with some psych students; that way I can get a better idea of the overall experience. I don't want to be miserable for three years!

    Part of me is leaning towards Yale (I applied for family psych) because they have such a focus on child/adolescent that Columbia doesn't have, but since you applied for adult, that doesn't seem to be much of a factor. I don't know how much care Columbia takes with placements, but I've heard, in general, that they are not as particular, nor are they as intent on making great placements as Yale is. Hmmmm......
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  7. by   alwaysdesigning
    Exactly... I have one friend that just finished the FNP program at Columbia also. And they were unable to connect me with a psych student. I felt the same way about Yale's program... and my plan is the same (to go to the day at Columbia-if accepted! and try to find out more). I also have ties to NYC, and would like to make it work at either school (I've heard that the 2nd and 3rd year are more flexible to commute or potentially get placements in NYC from Yale.) Also, regarding placements I have heard something along the lines of good psych placements at Columbia because they are associated with some psych hospitals at the medical center.

    I feel like we have so much to exchange information about-Let's stay in touch!
  8. by   alwaysdesigning
    Hey! I'm in at Columbia, you? Any more info? I'm planning to go to the visiting day March 4th.
  9. by   WilliamsRower
    Hi! Yeah I got into Columbia also!! Yay us!!! We should definitely keep in touch -- I'd love to keep exchanging notes on all this. We should definitely meet up on the March 4 date -- I'm really looking forward to hearing more about the program. That's great to know about the psych hospitals -- I hadn't known what percentage of the placements were in the psych hospitals with which they are affiliated, but hopefully a lot! Can't wait to learn more. xo
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  10. by   chestcompressor

    I'm thinking about applying to Columbia's ACNP program. How many students to they take during their summer term and how hard is it to get in?

    I'm graduating with my BSN this May and I have 3 years experience as a RN 3.0 GPA overall, 3.4 in nursing.
  11. by   biladiabla
    Hi All,
    I am about to graduate from the Columbia psych NP program. I do have a friend at Yale in Psych and we periodically compare notes.

    Some thoughts:

    - I would say that if you want to work in New York, you should consider Columbia. I am realizing now as I plan to move to Boston that the connections you make while in school will be invaluable when you are trying to find a job.

    - From what I understand, Columbia and Yale have different focus areas. At Yale, they continue to teach and focus on physical assessment throughout the Master's. At Columbia, we ONLY focus on psych in the Master's program. These are different philosophies about our scope of practice. Apparently every school is different in this regard, so if it matters to you, look into it. For me, while I would like to HAVE physical assessment skills, I have never worked in med/ surg etc so I do not feel comfortable in that role. I agree with the philosophy at Columbia, that we are Psychiatric professionals, and should not be called upon to physically assess.

    - I have heard that if you are interested learning to be a therapist Columbia is the strongest psych NP program out there. We had a lot of training in family, group and individual therapy.

    - While I studied in the Adult PMHNP track, I know that my classmates in Child/ Adolescent feel pretty letdown. I think if you want to do Child/ Adolescent Yale might be a better choice. (That being said, they both have very good job offers already)

    - I feel that most of my placements have been great with one exception, which was a nightmare.

    - The Yale program is slightly shorter than Columbia.

    - We did NOT get enough psychopharm at Columbia. I do not feel ready to prescribe and I will be finished next month. That being said, I don't know of any NP who comes out of school feeling ready. It is scary. I'm sure that my Yale friend feels the same, although they likely had better/ more psychopharm classes.

    - You CANNOT judge the Columbia Master's program based on the ETP BSN program. They are completely separate. There were 160- something students in my ETP class. I will graduate with 9 other Psych NPs. I was completely dissatisfied with the ETP program. While I have some critiques of the Psych program (the biggest one being not enough psychopharm) They are completely different ball games.

    Feel free to email with questions.

    Hope this is helpful and good luck to all!
  12. by   sofia2006
    Hello everyone

    I am an RN also looking to apply to the psych program at columbia and yale and would love any updates from the people that posted here a year ago. please let me know which schools you chose? are you happy with your choices and what would you do differently if you had to do it all over again?

    Thank you.
  13. by   WilliamsRower
    Hi Sophia2006. I left the Columbia program after a semester to go to medical school so I am not the best person to ask. You are already an RN so you are in a different position, because most people feel that the ETP portion of Columbia is the worst part in terms of curriculum, organization, etc. I think that there is a good answer on this thread from a previous student about her experience in columbia's psych program. There are ups and downs at each program, but I really think you should go to the place that calls to you most when you visit. I wanted to stay in NYC so I went to Columbia. Yale's program is slightly shorter. Both will give you a good experience. Both schools have a great name. NYC will give you NY connections. Etc. One of my good friends from the Columbia program is in the psych portion right now and I get the sense that she likes it. I really don't think you can go wrong either way -- largely depends on where you want to be. I believe that no matter what masters program you graduate from you will probably feel unready to prescribe and go into the field, but you will learn once you're there. Another friend of mine wanted the shortest program possible so she went to BC so she could get in, get out, and start working/learning on the job. Most of what you will learn will be once you pass boards and are a practicing NP. The truth of the matter is that I don't think it really matters where you go, as long as you're in a place that makes you happy. Good luck.
  14. by   sofia2006
    Thanks WilliamsRower,

    thats a big switch from nursing to medical school, I have thought about that too, what make you go that route?