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Hi all, I'm new here! I just graduated in June 2012 with a B.S. in Human Biology & minor in Psychology from UC San Diego. I've been on the pharmacy school route: recently applied for pharmacy schools, currently taking anatomy &... Read More

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    Wanted to jump on the board the moment I saw UCSD. I graduated UCSD 09' and just started my first year at an accelerated BSN/MSN program. PM me with any questions you may have. I'm loaded with exams but more than willing to help a fellow Triton out. If you're still in the San Diego area, try to volunteer through the hospital to get started. I was at Thornton Hospital my senior year and learned a lot before moving out of the area to work on prereqs to apply to school. In terms of shadowing, I literally pulled out the phone book and found a list of community health clinics in my area and called each one up to see if they had volunteer opportunities or shadowing opportunities. It worked itself out
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    Thanks so much for your input and your offer to help! I really do appreciate it. I am unable to PM yet (lameeee) but I just want to know what kind of stuff you are learning in your BSN/MSN program, how you like it so far. I'm not in the SD area anymore, but I am searching around for volunteer opportunities in my area.
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    In terms of the content, it is basic care of patients and learning the skills to improve their status. Due to the fact that it is an accelerated program, there is some overlap where we are learning certain techniques outside of the RN scope of practice and specifically told that these skills or assessment knowledge is more important at an NP level. Unfortunately your question of what I am learning is a little too broad for me to sum up everything that we are doing but know that we are learning all about medications, nursing care, in addition to hands on clinical to use our skills.

    I am liking the program. It definitely is accelerated! We study non stop and get very to few breaks but it will all be worth it in the end. It's all about finding balance in the end
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    I went to UCSD and was pre-optometry with a 3.0 GPA too lol...any advice on where to apply? Where did you guys end up going to school?

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