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Boston College Direct-entry class of 2013

  1. 1 Hello all! I just wanted to check in and see if people were accepted and who is planning to attend Boston College for direct-entry next fall, and what specialty!
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    I just officially submitted by decision, and will be attending for Women's Health in fall.

    I'd love to start a thread so that we can all make a fb group (I didn't find one for this year) and have each other as a resource!
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    Hello! Glad we have this thread now, and hopefully a fb group soon! I will be doing adult/gero at BC this fall!
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    Yes we should definitely make a facebook group! I know that Duke makes one.. do you think that BC does or is that up to us?
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    Did anyone get in for psych specialty? If so could you please your relevant work/volunteer experience? I am applying next year and am nervous that I need to volunteer more! Otherwise I think I am all set (very good grades, GRE, letters)
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    I'm in for peds! Find me on fb and lets make a group! Search my email address and you can add me as a friend..
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    Hi Mzaur, I got in for psych. I have a 3.77 GPA and I ran an undergraduate mentoring program for students with eating disorders and that was really my only relevant experience
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    I sent my deposit in for BC this week! I got in for Family Nursing.
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    I was accepted to the Direct Entry Psych track.

    MZAUR, I had experience as a manager in a group home with adults who have disabilities and mental health issues.
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    Hey everyone! Congrats on your acceptances to BC! I am currently in the 1st year of the program and am in the Women's Health specialty. I just wanted to say that creating a Facebook group is one of the best things you can do for each other. It's a great way to communicate with each other about housing/school plans and to share study materials once the school year actually starts. Our class has one, but it's set to private, so that's why you couldn't find it. We'll probably leave it that way, but know that we are already thinking about how to reach out to next years students to help answer all your questions! Also, the Assoc. Director of Student Services is a great person to reach out to if you have questions or want to visit campus. I don't think that I can put her name on this site, but if you go to BC's webpage and then "contact us," her email should show up. Finally, if you are women's health, don't be afraid to reach out the the specialty coordinator. She is the best!

    Overall, I am really enjoying the BC program. No school is perfect, but everyone had good reasons to choose BC and I believe that students in my class are happy about their decision. The program is very intense, but, we're surviving! Congrats again, and see you in the fall!