Any BSN Returned Peace Corps Volunteers going for DNP?

  1. Hello! This question is kind of a stretch as I am hoping to get advice from people who were in a very specific situation.

    I am a Health Education Volunteer serving in the Kyrgyz Republic until Spring of next year. Before becoming a volunteer I graduated with my BSN and worked a year in a Regional Emergency Department. After my close of service (COS) I want to apply to Johns Hopkins graduate program utilizing the Peace Corps Fellows Program and work towards my DNP.
    There are plenty of feeds about RPCVs applying to the BSN program at JH, but none on applying to graduate programs. Are there any RPCVs who were already RNs when they COS-ed and went back for their DNP?

    If so, can you please tell me about your application process, things I can do as a volunteer to make myself more competitive for JH, and any other advice you may have? Thanks a bunch everyone!

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