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Advice needed on research project

  1. 0 I am doing an Evidenced Based Project on the best methods of collecting forensic evidence on gunshot, stabbing and other victims of violence.

    I am having a time trying to find any randomized controlled trials dealing with this subject. There is alot of retrospective studies and many informational/instructional...but none that I see based on trials.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks a heap!
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    Wow. You really aren't likely to find many (any?) randomized studies because evidence collection is done for evidentiary purposes. No one is likely to put a homicide case in jeopardy by using non-standardized technique(s)- which generally come about through retrospective analysis.

    Catch-22, I know. Have you tried contacting the University of Tenn.'s "body farm"? That would be my first stop, and pretty much the only place any kind of randomization could work:
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    Thanks for your input. I did contact our researching department chair and they pretty much said the same thing!