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Hi! Anyone else out there apply for the 2013 Georgia Health Science University's CNL MSN program? I just submitted my application for the early decision Nov 1 deadline. Let's chat!... Read More

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    I do know that they are still taking applications past the deadline. So I would assume there are more interview notifications to come! :-)

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    Hello all! Upon reading the forum, I see that you all are concerned and caring individuals; here is my dilemma, I've applied for the CNL program for the fall and I took the MAT. My MAT score was a 386. Note, this was my third time taking this exam...I've never felt so defeated in my life. I really can't afford to take the GRE, so I contacted the director and she gave me no mercy in even getting a provisional admission. I'm so stressed out and I really don't know what else to do...my gpa is great.references are good...everything else is up to par...its only this test that's holding me back. What should I do? Do anyone have advice on the MAT? I feel so dumb when people make above average and I barely can make it...standardized test has never been my thing and I hate that schools define your academic character and success based on them. This is my lifelong dream and it may have to go down the drain.

    I thank you all for reading and for me sharing my dilemma with you....
    God bless!♥♡♥★☆
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    Leslie26, I'm so sorry that you are in this situation. My advise is to find a way to take the GRE. There Are so many applicants that minimums must be met. It sounds like you have a great "everything else," so try to find $185 to take and score 290 on the GRE.

    I have horrible HORRIBLE standardized test anxiety. I was literally shaking when I took it and could barely see cause I could see my pulse in my eyes. It took my body a full week to filter out the stress reaction. That being said, I made a 299. Not a fantastic score by any means, but enough for them to look at everything else fantastic that I have done. ;-).

    I know money is tight, but sell a few things on eBay or craigslist, clean a couple of houses, get creative. It's possible and if it doesn't happen this year, there are many students who have gotten in on the second try. Good luck!
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    Is it your lifelong dream to become a CNL or to become a RN? If your goal is to become a RN, have you thought about doing the BSN program instead? How about a 2 year program at a community college? Then you wouldn't need to take the GRE or MAT. These options might not be ideal, but at least you will become a RN.
    I'm really sorry about your dilemma. Is there any way for you to take the GRE? Can you borrow money from your family or friends? To me, the MAT seems more difficult than the GRE because it requires you to know a little bit of everything. Perhaps you'll do better on the GRE. Good luck.
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    Leslie, I took the MAT. I really think the key to the MAT is having a solid liberal arts background. I got the Kaplan test prep book and found it pretty similar to what was on the actual MAT. I found the actual analogies easy, I just practiced over and over again. The hard part for me was the vast subject matter....the fact is that you simply cannot study the subject matter for the MAT. If you think you understand how to do all the analogies and its the subject matter that you find hard I would really recommend taking the GRE. I would say that if you are contemplating taking the MAT again I would try the Kaplan book, if you've tried that already then I would argue that it would be worth you finding the money to take the GRE...it will be worth it in the long run.

    Good luck
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    For those of you with an interview, will any of you be at the 3:05 information session in athens?
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    Thanks to everyone for the encouraging words and advice! ♥♡♥
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    CSU, I have an interview in Athens, but it is earlier. Informational session at 12:45 and interview at 1:25. Do you live in Athens?
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    Good luck on all your interviews! Hope to see you guys on campus in August! Keep us posted.
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    Thanks mygirl! I'm trying not to get nervous! I'm ready for it to be over. lol. Goodluck to everyone.

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