2013 GHSU CNL applicants - page 6

Hi! Anyone else out there apply for the 2013 Georgia Health Science University's CNL MSN program? I just submitted my application for the early decision Nov 1 deadline. Let's chat!... Read More

  1. by   Britmum
    brittbritt, I messaged you.
  2. by   mygirlmontana
    CSU, yes, my interview acceptance came via the email on the application. The acceptance to the program came via snail mail.

    Congrats BrittBritt!
  3. by   smcswain09
    I just got an email for an interview too!! Exciting!!! Does anyone know anything they go over or how you can prepare for the interview?!
  4. by   csugirl2
    I got an interview too! Did anyone do a phone interview or do you recommend an in-person interview?
  5. by   dea2012
    Congratulations to all those who have received an interview so far!! I was wondering if anyone knows how long it took for your application status to change from 'incomplete' to 'complete' or 'ready to review'? I saw that my last transcript was just processed (even though I sent it over 3 weeks ago) today and my status is still incomplete. I called the admissions office to ensure that I wasn't missing anything and they said they still have to calculate my undergrad. GPA. Also, how long did it take for you to be notified after your status change that you were invited for an interview? The anticipation is killing me!
  6. by   Britmum
    My application turned to ready to review a couple of weeks after I sent in my last transcript...I, sure admissions is pretty busy right now but I think they say 5-10 days processing.My stayed at ready to review until a few weeks after the interview when it said decision made. I received an acceptance letter in the mail a few days later. It didn't change to anything when I got an interview.Hope that helps :-)Good luck to everyone that has an interview.
  7. by   dea2012
    Thanks Birtmum for your reply! My status changed yesterday to 'ready for review' so hopefully it won't be long now!
  8. by   brittbritt2013
    Congrats to everyone who has gotten an interview. Is anyone interviewing at the Athens campus? Britmum thank you for all your help! You have made me feel so much more at ease because I have some idea of what to expect. It won't let me send you private messages on here, but I was wondering what your friend's experience in the program was like? Did she have any problems finding a job?
  9. by   dea2012
    I was invited for an interview!!!!!
  10. by   dea2012
    Is anyone doing a phone interview, or did any of the accepted students do a phone interview? I'm thinking that I'm going to do the phone interview because I live on the other side of the country and airline tickets are really expensive, and from what I understand the interview isn't that long. I am really excited!
  11. by   Britmum
    Hey brittbritt, my friend who graduated doesn't have a job yet but it's because her hubby is military and they are moving soon. I believe that quite a few people from her class have found a job already. Dea, I think you'll be fine doing a phone interview :-)
  12. by   dea2012
    Thanks Britmum your posts have been really helpful! What types of questions did they ask you?
  13. by   mygirlmontana
    Interview was pretty basic. Only lasted 15 minutes. A lot of leadership experience questions and reasons for pursuing nursing. I think you will be fine with a phone interview considering your location. :-). Congrats on the interviews everyone!!