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Hi! Anyone else out there apply for the 2013 Georgia Health Science University's CNL MSN program? I just submitted my application for the early decision Nov 1 deadline. Let's chat!... Read More

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    can the current student please speak to the structure of the program? are there clinicals required that are analogous to the BSN clinical requirements in major clinical areas? is there a pro/con to doing the CNL vs the BSN? It seems a bit redundant if one wanted to eventually do APN. It doesnt seem like it is advantageous, but I am unsure. Can anyone please lend insight, even the students that attended the info session. Many thanks
    I am not a current student, but did just get an acceptance. I chose the MSN-CNL for many reasons. I have a bachelors and an associate degree. I have exhausted a lot of my undergraduate financial aid. Graduate school gives me more options. As far as the curriculum, the BSN has 990 clinical/ lab hours and the MSN-CNL has 1248 clinical/lab hours so the clinical hands on hours are greater with the MSN. The MSN is an accelerated program so time on campus with be shorter in the long run but intense during and I can get into the workforce more quickly. Once in the workforce, you have some managerial/ leadership training to help you move up if you so choose. However, If you are headed to APN, I would think the Masters would give you a slight advantage in the application process. Hope this helps and good luck on whatever you choose!

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    Hey everyone. I am so glad I found this! I applied for regular admission to the Athens campus. To those of you who have already been accepted CONGRATS . I was wondering what yall's applications looked like: undergrad degrees, gpas, gre scores, etc.? Just trying to figure out where I stand. And does anyone have any idea when we can expect to hear anything back?
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    Hey! I wondered when people would start posting that they were applying for regular admission...hopefully we can get this thread more active :-)

    I was accepted in early admissions for the Augusta campus. I had a BA degree in History with only a 3.2 GPA but I managed to get a 4.0 in all my pre-reqs. I think I ended up with a 417 on the MAT...I didn't take the GRE. I had a large amount of volunteer hours in leadership positions and I'm pretty proud of my entrance essay :-) I really get the impression that they look at everything together.

    I'm not sure when you guys will hear anything. It was only a few weeks after early admissions that they sent out interview emails but I'm not sure if that will be the same for you guys.

    Good luck! :-)
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    I finally got the courage to submit my application! Now the wait begins. Congratulations to all those who have been accepted!
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    Congrats on taking the first step and applying! Im thrilled to see others here!

    As far as your inquiry, my undergraduate degree was biology. I had a 3.46 gpa from 10 years ago and 4.0 in prereqs. I only made a 299 on the GRE, but I hadn't seen math like that in over 20 years. ;-) Experience is that I am a medical massage therapist and have owned a wellness studio based on referrals for 10 years with strong peer relationships with doctors, dentists, physical therapists, etc.. I had a strong essay, I thought. I also had my résumé and cover letter professionally prepared. I hope this helps!
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    I'm happy for the fast responses. I didn't know how long it would take since this thread has not been active in a while. Its helpful to be in contact with people who were/are in the same boat. I submitted my application back in November, but didn't finish turning everything in until the beginning of January. Hopefully more fellow applicants will find this. I'm glad I did. I'm not looking forward to the waiting game and hoping it won't be too terribly long before we know something. Does anyone know of anyone who has graduated from the program?
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    I'm hoping we get a few more people posting too....it's nice to share my excitement with others going through the same thing.I actually do know someone that just graduated from the program this past December. She's the one that pushed me to apply. She had a great experience.
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    I do know two that just graduated that I kept up from my information session. Both had jobs before graduation and were happy with the program.
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    mygirlmontana.....how much have you done yet with the checklist of things they sent us after we were accepted? I've set-up my email although for some reason it won't let me change from the original password so I need to sort that out. I also don't have a shot record so I need to go next week and get titers drawn. I wonder when they tell us about uniforms and books.
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    Sadly not enough. I need to do the vaccinations, financial aid, etc. I did set up email and pulse account. I guess books and uniforms will be closer to when the entire classes are selected? I'm thinking summer. It seems so far away!!

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